After 100 years of Bedlam, a Sooner and a Poke decided to meet at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2004 to try and resolve their differences...

At first, they just argued over who was better and made no progress whatsoever.  Eventually though, while eating Indian Tacos, and drinking cheap beer, they finally agreed upon their first topic - bad beer SUX!

The following day, they started discussing what, if anything, SUX worse than a bad beer.  The answer was clear - texas was the only thing that SUX worse than a bad beer.  Thus, they decided it only made sense to make a great tasting beer while also memorializing how bad texas SUX and the idea for texas SUX Beer was born!

After years of planning, and taste testing, texas SUX Beer will be made available by BigStick Brewery in 2017! texas SUX Beer will be distributed throughout the state north of the Red River in liquor stores, bars and restaurants.  This crisp, clean, easy drinking beer is a 3.9% Lager and we think you’ll love it for practically any occasion - at the lake, watching the game, with a meal, you name it.

You can help us make this happen by supporting our upcoming KickStarter campaign and getting some of our cool texas SUX Beer merchandise. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for updates on the KickStarter Campaign and the beer making process.

Mostly importantly, never forget Oklahoma will forever sit atop texas and nothing SUX worse than a bad beer - except texas! 

BigStick Brewing Company